How to prune Japanese maple

Scritto da Paola Stucchi on . Postato in Our advices

imageLet’s start with the basics, the maple should never be pruned in the spring, in fact, this plant develop the sap already at the gates of winter, then in full production in March. Do not prune the maple in that period, death and secure. The ideal time to prune is early June. ,do not cut the branches too can ruin its aesthetic beauty. Never cut too close to the trunk, so to preserve the beauty of your maple, which will continue to grow lush, especially in height. If you need a pruning importantly, the ideal time is between October and December, only then you can cut thicker branches without causing irreparable damage to the lymphatic system of the plant. To give light to all the branches, and avoid the formation of shadow zones for not to jeopardize the survival of the leaves, I recommend that you prune the branches that represent a hindrance for others .

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